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Does it bother you when others ask to use your makeup palette due to hygiene concerns? If yes, you are right to feel this emotion because letting others use your makeup palette is a big NO, given many hygiene and other harmful outcomes that may arise from this generous activity. But on the same note, do you clean your makeup palette? Do you know not cleaning your beauty tool can result in the same effects as letting others infect your brushes or powders? Yes, you beauty lover, cleaning your makeup palette is a crucial factor in keeping your skin glowing, radiant, and refreshing; contrary to this, your face may become a favorite place for acne and bacterial activities.

If you are seeking the answer to ‘how to clean makeup palettes,’ you are in just the right place because, in this read, we will together explore various aspects of cleaning this tool in your beauty arsenal and will explore how best you can maintain the shelf life of your palette of beauty. So, let’s begin:

How To Clean Makeup Palettes: Step by Step Guide

You are well-prepared, materials are ready, and you have taken out your beloved makeup palette, perfect; now it’s time to start the real cleaning. So, without further ado, let’s start:

Step #1: Gather and Prepare

Select a well-lit and clean space to begin with your makeup palette cleaning. Most importantly, wash your hands thoroughly and watch out for any makeup residue or oil to prevent further dirtying your palette rather than cleaning it.

Step #2: Empty Loose Powders

Over time, the palette gathers loose powders, which is important to remove in the initial stage of cleaning. Carefully remove all the loose makeup in some container or tissue paper to prevent spilling or mixing of the palette content.

Step #3: Remove Excess Product

Using a palette knife or spatula, carefully and gently take out all the excess powder and makeup from the palette. While doing this, watch out for scratches or damages.

Step #4: Sanitize with Isopropyl Alcohol

Now it’s time to sanitize your makeup tool. Using a spray bottle, mist the palette thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and cover all the areas. Let it sit for one minute, as it will effectively kill bacteria and viruses.

Step #5: Wipe with a Microfiber Cloth

Once the sanitization process is complete, take out a microfiber cloth and gently wipe all the residues and alcohol. Use a circular motion and perform the process till you get the clean cloth.

Step #6: Target Hard-to-Reach Areas

Spraying only is not enough as it will not reach the corners. For thorough and meticulous cleaning, dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe corners, edges, and any grooves with it.

Step #7: Deep Clean with Dish Soap

If your palette is becoming a challenge to clean due to hard stains or cream-based products, use dish soap in the process. For that, add one drop of mild dish soap to warm water and scrub the stained area using a cloth or sponge. After scrubbing, rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Step #8: Dry Thoroughly

Allow your palette to air dry completely. Ensure there is no residual moisture, as it can damage your makeup products.

Once washing and cleaning are done, air dry your palette and make sure that it is completely dry as you reuse it because otherwise, you can damage your makeup badly.

Step #9: Reassemble and Refill

Concluding your how-to-clean makeup palettes journey, reassemble your palette and appropriately refill all the excess powders you have removed earlier.

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Why Knowing How to Clean Makeup Palettes is Essential

Before we embark upon the refreshing and satisfying journey of how to clean makeup palettes, the first and foremost thing is to understand why it is so imperative and what happens when you neglect this responsibility.


The most imperative factor when it comes to palette cleaning is hygiene. This is because palettes are in direct contact with your skin and can easily support the growth of bacteria on both your skin and your palette. When you tend to clean the palettes regularly, it helps prevent the growth of bacteria and minimizes the risk of skin irritations or breakouts.

Color Accuracy

Understanding colors and applying the right shades are vital for the stunning look you are seeking. However, when you let your makeup palette get dirtier over time, it affects the accuracy of color payoff. Accumulated residual products and oil impacts can alter the shades and textures of your palette elements, resulting in a totally change and disappointing look you were going for.

Product Longevity

Keeping your makeup palettes is not just a hygiene concern, as it also helps you save money. When you remove residual particles and oil regularly and keep the palette pristine, it helps your palette complete its shelf life, lasting longer with fresh and quality makeup.

Ease of Application

A cleaner palette makes makeup application way smoother and easier. With every item looking fresh, clean, and distinctive, you are able to blend colors perfectly and feasibly. This will help you achieve the desired look, enhancing satisfaction and paying off the hard work.

Materials You’ll Need

Moving forward, it’s time to bring on the actual cleaning process. But before diving head first to witness ‘how to clean makeup palettes,’ let’s gather all these essential materials to save time and energy and increase the efficiency of the process.

Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)

Isopropyl alcohol is the most essential element when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing the palettes. It is advised that you use 70% alcohol solution as it is way better in sanitization than 99% due to the water content that helps break bacteria.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs will help you reach every nook and cranny of your palette, so gather them for sure.

Microfiber Cloth or Paper Towels

When removing dirt and makeup residue, use microfiber cloth or paper towels, as they are very gentle and will not harm your palette.

Mild Dish Soap

Keep mild dish soap handy to wash away stubborn stains and to clean well.

Spray Bottle

Use a spray bottle to apply isopropyl alcohol properly and easily.

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Palette Knife or Spatula

Although it is an optional item, you can use it to remove excess products without harming your makeup.

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